Twickenham TW1

Size: 140 m² combined
Project details
These two adjacent properties are located in a peaceful crescent in the much sought after area of St Margaret’s and within walking distance to the railway station, the banks of the Thames and Richmond via a pedestrian overpass. Neighbours Kerrie and Helena had no intention of re locating and decided to embark on both of their projects simultaneously.
Design instruction
High spec fit- outs x 2. First basement features a bespoke made glazing system to the rear with walk-on glazing and separated windows.  Second basement ……….

Configuration of new space: 1st property. Living room, utility area, study area, WC. 2nd property……….



  • Fit-out: 6 months + 4 months
  • Head height: 2.5m
  • Structure Duration: 7 months total