Dear James,

I have been meaning to write and let you know what a great job Ethan did on our basement build as project manager. I apologise it has taken a while to write this email, I did give Ethan the feedback verbally at our last meeting but I thought it would be good to share it directly with you.
We truly valued the efforts that Ethan made to manage the build. He consistently delivered on expectations and followed-up on any commitments that he made. He was accountable and always dealt with issues in a timely manner and most importantly for us followed up on things, kept in regular contact and didn’t duck any issue. He worked really hard to develop the relationship with Culmax which I think resulted in them delivering the stairs in advance of expectations. Had Ethan not come onto the project I don’t believe our experience would have been as positive and I want to say thank you for allocating him to the build!

We are delighted with the basement, it’s a fantastic space for us.

Best wishes,