Our Services

Our Services

MoreSpace Basements offers the highest standards of care and consideration related to all the essential services for a basement conversion or the creation of a new floor beneath your property.

We offer expert support and guidance through every stage of the process including:

At your request and convenience, a consultant will visit you at home to discuss your proposed project and offer you free advice. During this time a short survey is completed, the consultant will make some sketches and take notes related to your requirements.
A free, fixed price (subject to survey results) quotation will be provided within five working days, although the more complex projects may require an extended time period.
In the meantime, you are welcome to visit a completed projects (link to page) and discuss with past clients. This will give you the opportunity to see the results of our work and we are confident that you will appreciate the high standard of finish.
On your approval of the quotation, the design  stage begins..

The design stage begins with the location of light wells, access points and skips and all the required services  needed are identified and marked out.

The architectural survey is then completed, which translates the design into a set of proposed drawings. These are submitted to your local planning authority for approval.

The structural and geotechnical surveys are then undertaken and a structural layout is determined. The types of soil are identified and the foundation details are recorded.  Any detection of contamination, water levels and/or complications involving gas, large or irregular foundations or the possibility of compromising structural integrity will be noted and solutions discussed with you.

The final phase of this stage is the construction method statement, which  will be presented to your local authority. All the information is collated and  then submitted along with the application to your local planning department. During this time the contractor visits the site to discuss the methodology and design constraints and a drainage plan is drawn up and approved by an independent waterproofing specialist. The construction stage begins on receipt of planning approval and on completion of the party wall process.

Site preparations take place following the pre-start meeting, endorsement of contracts, and receipt of 5% of the total cost of the project.
A payment schedule which matches the length of the scope of works is presented to you, including a weekly payment plan in arrears at the end of each stage of agreed works. Prior to payments, your project coordinator will monitor and assess the works to ensure that targets have been met.
The preparations for the project include setting up the hoarding, installation of temporary services, breaking through, and setting up the conveyor belt.
Parking suspensions (which have been applied for in advance) are verified.
The structural works start with excavation, the setting up of temporary supports, underpinning, installation of steel works and reinforcement, setting up drainage, casting of the concrete slab and the waterproofing.
We utilize Delta membranes, which are guaranteed for 30 years and are inspected by an independently approved specialist. A membrane that is compatible with the substrate of your property is selected and then fixed in place mechanically, avoiding binding. The studded structure allows the dampness to disperse and the surfaces of the wall and floor take the damp load. On the majority of projects, a twin-sump system is installed. The water ingress, which develops behind the studded membrane, is channelled into a pump chamber, which features a self-contained pump which delivers the water to ground level, where it is then disposed of through the main drainage system. The system also features a back- up pump which takes over in the event of a primary pump failure. Both pumps provide back-up in the event of a power cut. The installation of the Delta membrane is guaranteed for ten years.
The duration of the structural phase can last from 16 to 24 weeks, although complex works may take longer. During this time the building control officer, attached to your local authority, will also oversee all stages of the works.
The final stages, following completion of the structural work, commence, when the basement is ready for the fit-out

We estimate the duration of a basement fit-out to be from 8 to 12 weeks, although complex projects may take longer. All the partition walls, ceilings and floors are placed to make the space habitable. The walk- on- glass or metal grills over the light wells are installed, allowing natural light to flood the area, the first fix electrical and plumbing stages are completed and the staircase is installed.

To ensure that our clients are completely satisfied the fit-out is completed prior to settlement of the final payment. The building control officer is invited to inspect the project and to provide a certificate of approval, which is then presented to you.

Your project is complete and we then present you with your guarantees

MoreSpace Basements offers a 2 year ‘wear and tear’ guarantee and a 10 year structural guarantee on completion of your project. This covers all contracted works and materials used as stated in your contract.

A certificate of approval is provided by your local authority’s building control officer. We will present this to you on completion of your project.

Our electricians are registered with the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting, which was established in 1956. NICEIC  regularly assesses electricians to verify that they are competent and adhere to strict codes of practice, achieving the highest standards of technical ability and safety.  A NICEIC Building Regulations Certificate of Compliance will be presented to you on completion of related works.

The Delta membrane waterproofing is guaranteed for thirty years and inspected by an approved independent specialist. The product is guaranteed for a period of thirty years and installation is covered for ten years. The certificates will be presented to you on completion of your project.

MoreSpace Basements strictly adheres to the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations, which came into force on 06 April 2015.
Details can be found on the Health and Safety Executive website.